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From securing company emails to helping you browse websites with confidence, discover how we ensure total protection of IT systems and data for businesses in Essex, London and the South East.

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Cyber security services

Information is the lifeblood of any company, so it’s important your IT security systems actively protect it. Any leak of sensitive data, from customer details to accounting data, can be disastrous for the productivity and continuity of your business. 

Method’s managed IT protection products and services protect your essential data from ever-growing threats, while actively evolving to respond to the latest cyber security dangers.

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Managed Email Screening

Email is an essential tool for businesses, with many depending on it as their main form of communication both internally and externally. This reliance makes it vital to ensure your emails are secure, fast and uninterrupted. Our team at Method work hard to protect your emails and ensure they don’t become a hindrance to productivity.

Our Managed Email Screening does not just minimise the annoyance of a cluttered inbox through effective SPAM filtering, but protects against far more sinister threats. From impersonation and phishing for private information to malware and ransomware that could significantly damage your IT infrastructure, your company will have all the tools to protect against unwanted, malicious emails.

In addition, especially in the advent of GDPR, your business needs to be able to communicate by email efficiently and securely. Secure Messaging allows you to email sensitive data without fear of leaks, while we also have a solution for sending and receiving large files effectively, so as not to damage employee productivity. Email Archiving also helps keep your business compliant to GDPR regulations, as well as easily recovers emails when necessary.

Finally, our Managed Email Screening service helps guarantee your email is available at all times. Even during planned maintenance or outage, you will retain the ability to send and receive emails without threat of downtime.


Managed Web Screening

Accessing the Internet is a daily necessity for most businesses, but can you determine which websites are “good”? Unsafe websites are developing more sophisticated ways to elicit information, as well as trick users into downloading dangerous software and services. Managed Web Screening protects against the threats lurking online, with Method’s experts on hand to deploy against hazards and defend your business continuity.

Moreover, Internet access not only carries the risk of online threats, but also has the potential to damage productivity. Method’s Managed Web Screening solutions can mediate access, ensuring you are compliant with corporate security policies, while maintaining a happy, active workforce.

Our tools ensure protection of your IT systems and data, and that this and your productivity are supported by a comprehensive reporting package, which tracks all incidents on behalf of our clients.


IT Security Compliance Review

Are your IT security solutions smart enough to protect against the latest online threats? While the risk of traditional computer viruses is on the decline, new and more complex variants pose a risk to corporate networks. Whether it’s an attack to a single computer or device, or a virus that can potentially infect an entire network, it is crucial your business is prepared to combat attacks at all times.

Method’s Managed Anti-Virus offers comprehensive defence against cyber security threats. Our multi-layered level of protection is deployed to guard your systems against both internal and external intrusions. The managed service helps keep the configuration totally up-to-date and tuned, ensuring that all business needs are met and you are always defended against increasingly sophisticated threats.

Our range of Managed Anti-Virus products and services offer dynamic protection across a wide range of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. This ensures your entire IT infrastructure is shielded against attacks and your devices operate in line with corporate security policies.


Managed Firewall

Your Firewall is the first line of defence between your business and various inbound and outbound threats. To ensure your primary resistance against ever-evolving attacks is at the level it needs to be, you need a system that goes beyond simply defining what external traffic is allowed into your infrastructure. When today’s attitude to cyber security threats is a case of when, not if, it’s essential to ensure a comprehensive security configuration is deployed and maintained.

Method’s Managed Firewall products and services offer that robust first line of defence your business requires. It responds to emerging threats in a timely fashion, and is kept fully up-to-date through the latest security patches and recommendations.

It's important to remember that the threat does not only exist outside of your organisation. Our Managed Firewall ensures that only authorised access data is allowed outbound, protecting against innocent mistakes or malicious intent. This requires expert knowledge and regular maintenance, which is always available from Method’s dedicated team of IT security specialists.


Online Backup

Should disaster strike, an automated online backup solution helps ensure you can get back to business as soon as possible. In situations where internal or external breaches result in loss of valuable information, particularly in regards to customer data, knowing that it is backed-up in a safe, remote location is a great comfort.

The advantage of a recurring backup extends beyond critical data recovery. Storage of older files means that if data loss isn’t detected for any length of time, you can easily retrieve required information from previous versions. Whether you accidentally overwrite a document or suffer a ransomware infection, an updated backup keeps your information secure.

Method’s Cloud-based backup services work to offer data recovery in the worst-case scenarios. Whether you need to recover an accidentally deleted file, or require a complete system recovery after an IT systems breach, we help ensure your data is fully backed-up and easily retrievable, minimising any downtime.


Business Continuity Planning

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

You expect your business to run without interruption. But, sometimes circumstances beyond your control make this impossible. When disaster strikes, a thorough business continuity plan helps ensure your company can continue to operate without serious impact to efficiency and revenue. With more and more vital processes tied to IT systems, steps for data recovery as part of these plans are essential.

Method’s cyber security specialists help keep your company moving in challenging circumstances. We take into account the unique needs of your company to establish a tailored business continuity plan that minimises the impact disasters have on your service and reputation with customers. With our support, critical data recovery is never in question.


Secure VPN

Whenever users are accessing business-sensitive data remotely, it must be done so in an encrypted format. Malicious actors can track and access data transferred over unsecured networks, which puts your business’ security and regulatory compliancy under threat. Our secure VPN service encrypts all of the activity between your device and your cloud network. You’ll be able to work securely from anywhere, safe in the knowledge that your activity can’t be monitored.


Device Encryption

If remote workers are storing business-critical data on their machines, a device encryption service is essential to keep customer and business data secure in the event of loss or theft. Our encryption solution will ensure that devices can only be accessed by corporate users with the appropriate login credentials. If the worst happens and malicious individuals do steal your equipment, business data will be inaccessible, the device will be rendered useless and your business will remain compliant with data protection regulations.


Bring Your Own Device Policy

A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy protects your organisation, your data and your reputation when employees work from home on personal devices. Giving employees the freedom to use their own devices can be incredibly convenient. But you risk exposing your entire corporate network to viruses, malware and other malicious attacks if they do not use them securely. We help businesses mitigate these risks by drawing up a BYOD policy that ensures staff understand their responsibilities, that personal devices are kept as secure as corporate ones, and that sensitive data stays protected even after employees have left the company.


Multi-Factor Authentication

When employees recycle passwords or rely on easy-to-remember combinations, your entire IT ecosystem is at risk. If one password is breached, every other system becomes a potential target. Multi-factor authentication eliminates the threat of poor password hygiene by adding an additional layer of security. On top of a username and password combination, employees are required to use a secondary device to confirm their log in every time they access an application. Unfortunately, not all system providers offer multi-factor authentication out of the box. Where they don’t, our team will build a multi-factor authentication system of your own that protects corporate systems and resources.

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