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In providing first-rate IT services for accountants over the last 3 decades, Method IT has gained an understanding of the needs and pressures that exist within the industry. The importance of data to financial services providers can’t be underestimated. It’s your key asset, so the tools and hardware involved in its processing, storage and protection must be taken seriously by any practicing accountancy firm.

The threat of data breach looms large, but even low-level delays and interruptions to business continuity caused by poor connectivity, outmoded software or badly configured systems can make the difference between whether the day is a profitable one or not.

By working with Method IT, you can feel assured that you’re taking the most responsible approach both to optimising the efficiency of your business and to the safekeeping of the information in your guardianship.

New or updated systems can take some getting used to and that’s something we fully appreciate at Method IT, but it gives us great satisfaction when progressive clients are willing to embrace new technologies, because ultimately, the rewards are a safer, faster and more efficient workplace.

Our Approach

At Method IT we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all approaches. Each business is unique, with its unique legacy regarding existing ways of working, different capacities and different requirements from its IT systems. We conduct a thorough audit of your IT infrastructure, seeking out your vulnerabilities and addressing them with lasting solutions.

Those solutions are designed to be scalable – to grow, adapt and change along with your business as it moves forward. We’ve seen a growing trend towards the consolidation of businesses within the financial services sector, and this brings its own set of IT challenges. Having helped clients integrate diverse systems we’ve built connectivity and cloud-based systems that allow them to operate over multiple sites, and we’re well positioned to help businesses dealing with consolidation.

Matt Sullivan Managing Director

Essex's leading IT specialists

Method's approach to IT support is comprehensive in nature. Our management team has decades of experience working in the financial and business service sectors, meaning we present effective, tailor-made solutions that help businesses across Essex reach peak performance. If you would like professional feedback on your company’s IT support, or are interested in updating your current setup, contact Matt directly:

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Take the burden off your business by working with Method. We provide tailored IT solutions and round-the-clock support, so all your needs are taken care of in one simple package.

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Technology changes so quickly today that managing a robust IT strategy is often more than one person can handle. With so many aspects to worry about, it’s often hard for business to stay ahead. Whether you have an in-house IT team or not, give your company the upper hand and reap the benefits with our bespoke solutions.

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