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When you have worked so hard to build your company’s reputation, it’s important to put IT security measures in place to prevent security breaches that could jeopardise your business’s good name. Information is the lifeblood of any company, be it customer information, intellectual property or accounting information, and any leak of sensitive data could have detrimental consequences. With continually adapting threats common among email, web browsing and personal devices, no business is immune to cyber security risks. That’s why it’s important to have a team behind you that will protect your data, monitor suspicious activity, detect threats and respond accordingly.

Discover more about how our security preventions and measures can protect your data by reading below or contacting our experts. Alternatively, you can visit our dedicated Method Security site to learn more about our comprehensive IT security solutions.

Online Backup

In the unlikely event of a disaster, you need to know that your essential data is secure so that you can get back to business as soon as possible. Whether you’re concerned about accidental file deletion or complete system recovery, an automated backup solution is an essential component for any business, allowing you to secure your data and retrieve it as and when you need to.

Managed Firewall

As threats evolve and working environments become increasingly complex, a managed firewall can be the first line of defence against such risks. Forming an essential part of your business’s security strategy, firewalls can often be difficult to configure and manage, but our experience in mitigating the risk of intrusion means that you can rest easy knowing your system integrity will never be compromised.

Proactive Monitoring

Giving you a window into the overall health of your system, our engineers can remotely monitor your IT systems for performance issues. With 24/7 access, 365 days a year, we can significantly reduce your downtime by proactively addressing issues before they become a problem.

Email & Web Scanning

The threats associated with web and email use are growing, but you can defend your business against malicious software and ensure employees aren’t creating further risk through unauthorised web use by having the right protection in place. Our solutions can ensure that regulatory requirements are met and reduce personal liability for Directors should issues arise from misuse of corporate systems.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, it’s important to be prepared. We can implement effective solutions in the event of system damage and data loss. Whether you need a backup plan or urgent recovery, we are always on hand to help. We can devise a strategy and provide services that effectively deliver on your business’s requirements.

Device Encryption

If remote workers are storing business-critical data on their machines, a device encryption service is essential to keep customer and business data secure in the event of loss or theft. Our encryption solution will ensure that devices can only be accessed by corporate users with the appropriate login credentials. If the worst happens and malicious individuals do steal your equipment, business data will be inaccessible, the device will be rendered useless and your business will remain compliant with data protection regulations.

Secure VPN

Whenever users are accessing business-sensitive data remotely, it must be done so in an encrypted format. Malicious actors can track and access data transferred over unsecured networks, which puts your business’ security and regulatory compliancy under threat. Our secure VPN service encrypts all of the activity between your device and your cloud network. You’ll be able to work securely from anywhere, safe in the knowledge that your activity can’t be monitored.

Remote Data Backup & Business Continuity

There is a high chance that when employees work remotely, they’ll store unprotected business-critical data on their device without backing it up anywhere else. This is a recipe for disaster unless that data is given the same level of protection you give to data stored on devices and servers in the office. Our remote file back-up and recovery solution protects local workstation data against malware attacks, device failure and file deletion. Whatever happens, whether you need to recover one file or restore an entire device, we’ll make sure the data is available immediately.

Bring Your Own Device Policy

A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy protects your organisation, your data and your reputation when employees work from home on personal devices. Giving employees the freedom to use their own devices can be incredibly convenient. But you risk exposing your entire corporate network to viruses, malware and other malicious attacks if they do not use them securely. We help businesses mitigate these risks by drawing up a BYOD policy that ensures staff understand their responsibilities, that personal devices are kept as secure as corporate ones, and that sensitive data stays protected even after employees have left the company.

Multi-Factor Authentication

When employees recycle passwords or rely on easy-to-remember combinations, your entire IT ecosystem is at risk. If one password is breached, every other system becomes a potential target. Multi-factor authentication eliminates the threat of poor password hygiene by adding an additional layer of security. On top of a username and password combination, employees are required to use a secondary device to confirm their log in every time they access an application. Unfortunately, not all system providers offer multi-factor authentication out of the box. Where they don’t, our team will build a multi-factor authentication system of your own that protects corporate systems and resources.

End-User Security Awareness

No employer wants to believe their staff is a threat to corporate IT security. Yet even the most hardworking and devoted employees can lower their guard when working from home and accidentally allow malicious individuals to access your network. That’s why the same security principles that staff adhere to in the office must be retained when working from home. We help organisations achieve this by identifying the existing weaknesses within end-user environments and by offering ongoing and online security training with full management reporting to keep IT security principles at the forefront of their minds.


How can we help you protect against malware?

When falling victim to spam and phishing emails, sensitive data could be extracted from your machines, and viruses could spread on your systems or networks. We can ensure your devices are fully equipped with the latest anti-virus software, anti-spam filters and firewalls to help protect you against these threats and also offer end-user education to ensure your staff are aware of the dangers of cyber breaches. Our technicians will manage the latest security updates and patches for your operating systems, application and web browsers and can offer a range of business continuity solutions to prepare you for cyber security breaches out of your control.

How can you ensure ongoing IT compliance with legislation?

Key to securing systems is a corporate risk assessment. We can provide a comprehensive analysis of the organisational risks associated with your existing IT infrastructure. We can identify information security risks and suggest security measures that will limit the impact on your business should anything happen and minimise the possibility of occurrence altogether. As a result, a good risk profile means reduced insurance and ensures compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements. Ongoing reviews can also take place to ensure continued protection and peace of mind.

What is an Information Asset Review and what is the benefit?

Undertaking Information Asset Classification gives your business a clear picture of its information assets and their value. We can review these assets, what it would take to protect your business information and determine if any controls need to be implemented.

Do I need an IT strategy in order to improve my cyber security?

Protecting your company starts with an effective IT security strategy. Our experienced technicians have helped businesses and organisations large and small implement strategies that improve cyber security, minimise risk and help keep business operations running smoothly. We identify potential risks and create a plan in line with your business needs, ensuring solutions are put in place across the company to increase resilience against imminent and future threats.

Can I prevent ransomware attacks?

Ransomware and malware attacks are unfortunately commonplace in today’s cyber space and the reality of attacks means that the occurrence of a security issue is down to ‘when’ not ‘if’. Fortunately, there are several ways to increase your company’s resilience to such incidents. From minimising risk through monitoring your entire IT system, to fast recovery rates through online backup and business continuity services, our team can consult with you on how to make your IT infrastructure less penetrable and protect your sensitive data. We can also help you recover your encrypted files should you have already fallen victim to a cyber attack.

Why is business continuity important to my IT strategy?

Keeping your business running in the face of disasters or outages and having quick recovery systems in place is crucial in keeping disruption to a minimum. Our technicians can identify areas of your existing infrastructure that could leave your company vulnerable in events such as these, as well as plan and implement technology such as online backup that could reduce or eliminate the impact.

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