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Protect your business and win customers by getting Cyber Essentials certification from Method IT. Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed scheme from the National Cyber Security Centre designed to protect your business from 99% of cybersecurity threats.* Passing the assessment with Method is easy. Our flexible packages guarantee certification and provide ongoing support to keep your business secure moving forwards. You’ll be able to demonstrate to clients and partners you have all the controls in place to protect your infrastructure, network and data — and acquire an essential accreditation required for an increasing number of public and private contracts.

Method IT is one of a handful of companies that meet the strict criteria to be an approved Cyber Essentials Certification Body.

Apply for Cyber Essentials Plus Certification
Apply for Cyber Essentials Certification

Why Use Method as Your Certification Body?

There are many reasons to use Method — one of the South East’s leading IT consultants — to act as your Cyber Essentials Certification Body.

  • A guaranteed pass
  • Ongoing guidance and support
  • Flexible packages to suit every business
  • A dedicated team that delivers quick results
  • Experienced IT consultants trained to conduct assessments

Have you got questions? Read our FAQs for more information on our Cyber Essentials solutions.

Find the Right Cyber Essentials SCHEME

Method is proud to be an accredited Certification Body that can provide your business with both Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications. The right scheme depends on the support you need. Discover the differences below.

Basic Pro Elite
Cyber Essential Self Certification Tick Tick Tick
Up to 25k Free Cyber Insurance* Tick Tick Tick
Annual Certification Registration Tick Tick Tick
Remote Support** Tick Tick Tick
Readiness Audit Tick Tick
Bespoke Policy Documentation Tick Tick
Continuous Compliance Assessment*** Tick Tick
Cyber Essentials Plus Certification Tick
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* Subject to confirmation of UK registered company and certification covering the whole organisation (certain industries may be excluded)
**4 hours included, during normal working hours. Additional support may be purchased, if required. Support to be provided by Telephone, E mail or Video Call
***Cyber security tools deployed to ensure that relevant IT Assets are monitored for Cyber Essentials Compliance Purposes

What does the certification involve?

The Cyber Essentials certification is one of the leading cyber security accreditation and the best way to protect your business against most cybersecurity threats. The assessment tests five core technical controls, including firewalls, secure configuration, user access control, malware protection and patch management.

Apply for Cyber Essentials Certification

Method IT are a Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus Certification body.

Cyber Essentials checklist

Download our free Cyber Essentials checklist

Our free in-depth checklist gives an overview of the key measures you must be able to prove during the assessment process. Download it now to prepare for your assessment.


Cyber Essentials: The Complete Guide

Download our free eBook: Cyber Essentials: The Complete Guide

In this ebook, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Cyber Essentials certification, including what the scheme covers and who it’s designed for to all the benefits it can bring to your business.


Cyber Essentials FAQs

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed certification that proves your business has taken the necessary steps to protect against the majority of basic cybersecurity threats. There are two levels of certification: Cyber Essential and Cyber Essentials Plus.

What is the difference between Cyber Essentials Plus and Cyber Essentials?

The standard Cyber Essentials certification is an online self-assessment. Cyber Essentials Plus is a more in-depth assessment that includes on-premise verification of your self-assessment.

Cyber Essentials will be satisfactory for most small businesses, but larger businesses and those who want to prove their cybersecurity measures to clients, insurers and professional bodies should opt for the additional in-house verification that’s only available with Cyber Essentials Plus.

What does Cyber Essentials test?

The Cyber Essentials assessment tests five key areas of your cybersecurity infrastructure: firewalls, secure configuration, user access control, malware protection and patch management.

What are the benefits of Cyber Essentials Certification?

Both Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus offer a host of benefits to businesses. By meeting the certification’s requirements, businesses will be protecting themselves from 99%* of basic cybersecurity threats. The certification itself proves to clients, insurers and governing bodies that your business is committed to protecting IT infrastructure and data. It can help you win new business, too. Cyber Essentials certification is actively encouraged or required to win an increasing number of Government and private sector contracts.

What do I get for completing the certification?

When you complete Cyber Essentials, you will receive a certificate reference number and a Cyber Essentials badge to publish on your website and marketing collateral. Your business will also be listed on the NCSC’s database of Cyber Essentials-certified organisations.

What’s the difference between Cyber Essentials vs ISO 27001?

Cyber Essentials can be seen as a stepping stone towards full ISO 27001 certification. Cyber Essentials focuses on basic cybersecurity measures, while ISO 27001 is a much more in-depth assessment. If you’re already ISO 27001 compliant, achieving Cyber Essentials certification will be relatively straightforward.

How long does Cyber Essentials Certification last?

Cyber Essentials certification is valid for one year. Organisations must be recertified every year, which is why we recommend committing to an ongoing package. This will keep your business secure and significantly reduce the effort and cost of annual renewals.

We passed last year. Does this guarantee a pass on our renewal?

Unfortunately, gaining Cyber Essentials certification the previous year does not guarantee you will pass this year. Businesses must stay up to date with the requirements and implement them throughout the year to be sure of a successful renewal. That’s why we provide an ongoing service as part of our packages so that you remain compliant throughout the year and significantly reduce the cost and amount of remedial work needed to recertify.

If we fail, can we try again and how much does it cost?

If you fail the initial Cyber Essentials assessment, you have three days to fix the issues and re-submit the application. This is extended to 15 days for Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

While Method IT guarantees certification for businesses that sign up for one of our plans, it is still possible to fail the initial assessment. However, we will work with you to ensure you submit a passing application within the time limit.

What is the benefit of working with a certification body?

Applying for Cyber Essentials certification on your own can be a long and laborious process. If you fail the assessment, it’s not always clear what is wrong or how to fix it. Working with a Certification Body like Method IT streamlines the application process. We can highlight the areas you need to improve and explain exactly what you need to do to pass. In some cases, we can complete the application on your behalf but will require to certify our work and declare that the application is correct. We can also provide ongoing support to keep you protected throughout the year and reduce the effort and cost of recertifying in the future.

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