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Backhouse Solicitors

Backhouse Solicitors is a regional law firm serving the whole of the South East.

Method upgraded the client’s legacy communication system to a VoIP system and assisted the migration to new premises during the first national lockdown. 

Our services included:

●    Creating a new phone system
●    Setting up high-speed internet
●    A full relocation of on-premise IT services
●    Migrating their existing network
●    Ongoing managed IT support

An ongoing relationship has been established as a result in which Method provides 24/7/365 support and acts as a single point of contact for anything IT-related. 

The Challenge

Backhouse needed to upgrade its premises and IT systems after a period of sustained growth, but efforts were hamstrung by the pandemic. Their in-house IT team’s plans were put in jeopardy as carriers and other third parties could not deliver as promised. In short, a smooth transition was at risk.  

Backhouse approached Method off the back of a recommendation and asked us to develop a solution if they were required to vacate their existing offices before occupying their new premises. 

Our Solution

When Backhosue informed us of their plans, we recommended they upgrade their legacy communication system to a VoIP system.

Not only would a new VoIP system meet the needs of their current predicament, but it would also give them the opportunity to explore a new way of working. A VoIP system would increase the productivity and flexibility of their employees and allow the client to implement new features and improve workflow. It would also come with a significant cost-saving benefit, too.

The client was thrilled with our recommendations and gave us the go-ahead during the middle of the first lockdown. Despite this less-than-ideal situation, we installed new data and communication services at the new premises and configured, rolled out and migrated the new phone system. All of this was achieved at a time when staff were working at the client’s new office, their old office and remotely.


“We initially approached Method to help us with a specific telecommunications project at a difficult time. Their solution and service were so excellent, however, that we have since instructed them to manage our entire IT infrastructure. We approached Method as a result of a recommendation and couldn’t recommend them highly enough ourselves.”


Ben Backhouse – Chief Financial Officer

The Outcome

As a direct result of our swift and successful migration, Backhouse has instructed Method to manage more and more of their IT infrastructure to the point where we have now been invited to take over the entire management of their IT systems.

This includes:

●    24/7/365 IT support
●    Hardware
●    Software
●    Line of business applications
●    Procurement and onward billing of SaaS

Backhouse now has a single point of contact for everything — voice, data, hardware, software and support — and a significantly reduced administrative overhead as a result.

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