What is your cybersecurity IQ? Take Our Quiz and Find Out

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May 15, 2024 2:45:56 PM

Do you know your MFA from a USB? Endpoint detection from end-to-end encryption? Are you aware of how many small businesses are at risk of an attack or where those attacks come from?

Whether you know exactly what we are talking about or haven’t a clue, it’s well worth putting your cybersecurity knowledge to the test.

Our 10-question quiz is a fun way to find out how your cybersecurity knowledge stacks up while learning about the threat that small businesses face and the best ways to protect them.

Find out your Cybersecurity IQ, take the quiz!

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Does your cybersecurity IQ leave you feeling unprepared? Maybe you scored highly and want to make sure you talk the talk AND walk the walk. Either way, you now know that it pays to be ahead of the game when it comes to cybersecurity protection.

Put your business in the best position possible by making these three tasks a priority.

1) Complete a Security Assessment
You can’t fix your security issues if you don’t know what they are. Remember, this should be completed every six months. But it’s not too late if you’ve never had one. We can appraise your current IT environment and highlight all areas of weakness.

2) Start Training Your Staff
There’s no time like the present to make your staff aware of the risk that cybersecurity attacks present to your business. One way is to have them take our quiz themselves. But a more effective solution is to run a simulated phishing campaign to raise awareness levels and identify issues and then implement an ongoing and automated training programme.
3) Consult an Expert
You may have passed the quiz with flying colours, but that doesn’t mean you have the tools necessary to protect your business. There’s also no guarantee that your current cybersecurity knowledge will be enough to protect your business in the future. That’s why IT support companies like Method exist. We can provide an expert service that protects your company, while you focus on running it.


Even if you scored highly on the quiz and have already ticked off the tasks above, there’s plenty more you could be doing to protect your business. The cybersecurity threat landscape is always evolving, which means your business needs to constantly adapt, too. 

From assessing your current set up to discovering credentials for sale on the dark web to providing an ongoing cybersecurity awareness training programme, our experienced IT security consultants can make sure your business is always ahead of the game.

If you’d like to discuss your IT security with one of our expert consultants, please don’t hesitate to start a live chat, call us on 0345 521 6111 or fill out our enquiry form here and we’ll be in touch.

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