We're Delighted to Achieve a CSat Score of 100%

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Feb 8, 2022 11:20:00 AM

At Method IT, we closely monitor the IT services and support that we provide to our many varied customers, we do this by closely monitoring our CSat scores – Customer Satisfaction Scores. 

Each IT support ticket raised by a client links to a feedback form, it’s by way of this form, that the service provided on each ticket raised by our professional IT Technicians, is graded by our clients’ employees.  Our standard average monthly customer satisfaction score is between 92% and 97% , but in January 2022 our teams went above and beyond!

January 2022 Customer Satisfaction Scores

  • Our clients raised 874 support tickets
  • Our average answer time was 5.9 seconds
  • Our technicians completed 74.43% of fixes on the same day
  • Our support teams received a CSat score of 100%!

Delivering professional IT support is so important, and to ensure we're monitoring the support we provide, we send a feedback request for every single ticket our clients raised. Client support tickets can range from helping change a font in a document, installing an updated companywide infrastructure, moving entire offices, helping to format an excel document or delivering regular staff cyber security training and testing. Whatever their request or need is, it's our goal to ensure that we always provide timely, effective, and accurate IT support.

We’d like to thank our entire support team for their incredible work this month, it’s their dedication and tenacity to ensuring they delight our clients each and every month, that’s ensured the 100% feedback score.  

If you’d like to understand more about how our Method IT technical team can deliver perfect IT support to your business, please do get in touch, we’re more than happy to discuss your IT service requirements.

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