What is IT Support and why does my business need it?

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Jun 13, 2022 4:42:00 PM

Firstly, lets define IT Support:  

IT Support is the provision of assistance, knowledge and experience to businesses and individuals relating to their Information Technology solutions and services. It’s further defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as: Technical help or knowledge provided by computing experts.  

So why does your business need IT Support? 

As a business owner there will come a time when you’ll need to look at getting some additional/external managed IT support services to effectively administer your information technology solutions. Perhaps you’ll need to contact some IT experts because your business has grown, is facing competitive, economical, or service-related challenges, maybe you need to improve cybersecurity measures, train, and test staff, have an office move coming up, or want to save money and undertake a Cloud migration project. Perhaps a new and substantial client has some IT requests, cybersecurity, or situational needs that you can’t fulfil in-house.  

Whatever the reason, an MSP such as Method IT can help. 

As ever, in business, it’s always best to work with tried, trusted, and proven professionals, and when it comes to managing the IT support and services that your company depends on, if you don’t have an in-house team or they’re overstretched, you should absolutely investigate working with a reliable, proven Managed Service Provider (MSP). 

What are managed services? 

Managed services include:  

  • A technical helpdesk for users’ issues and IT queries (i.e. forgotten password, no video on a Teams call, lost file etc.) 
  • Remote working solutions setup, management, policy, and security 
  • Business apps and programmes 
  • Maintenance and repair of servers, laptops, PC, printers, and all infrastructure, including cabling and networks 
  • Management of mobile and portable devices, their security, and updates 
  • Cloud provisions, Microsoft 365 for example, plus services, apps and security  
  • Web hosting, and computing solutions 
  • Backup, and Business Continuity 
  • Cyber security solutions, including Cyber Essentials accreditation assistance, malware protection and patching 
  • Compliance, GDPR, backup, disaster recovery.   
  • Staff training including phishing and cyber security training 
  • Telephony & communications solutions 
  • Projects, such as offices moves, Cloud migrations, and mergers. 

What does a Managed Service Provider do? 

A Managed Service Provider can look after anything and everything to do with your business IT, for example, your laptops, desktops, printers, programmes, services, and cabling, but they also do a lot more.   

An MSP can be called upon to advise and consult for your business on an ad-hoc basis, project by project for example, an office move, new hardware solutions for the company, Cloud upgrades, cybersecurity training and more.  Or they can work alongside your internal resource as and when needed, an MSP can also become your dedicated managed IT support resource, delivering all your IT support services and solutions, depending on your exacting needs.  

A good MSP will also work with you to choose and define the way your IT support is provided to your business.  You may need someone on-site, or a remote help desk with a technical team dedicated to your business Monday to Friday, or maybe you’d like your MSP to provide proactive monitoring for all your IT services 9-5/5 or even 24/7/365. 

By providing you with an IT helpdesk team that knows your business and your systems, and by working with a comprehensive, SLA driven ticketing system, your MSP can ensure that any questions or IT issues that your users encounter, are managed, and addressed in line with your defined agreement. 

 A good managed service provider will not only be handling your managed IT support and addressing the support tickets generated when your employees have an IT issue (forgotten password, a new programme installation, accidental deletion, a broken inbox, no video on a Teams call etc), but they’ll also look after the full remit of your business technology.  

It’s the job of your MSP to proactively manage, maintain, and secure all your business services, critical or not, and to make sure that your business is protected and runs smoothly. Today, technology solutions are developing incredibly quickly, and cyber-attacks becoming more of a threat each day - are your IT solutions in the best hands? 

Why should I consider Method IT to support my business 

At Method IT, we’re committed to delivering excellent managed IT support and dedicated to cybersecurity, we’re also a Cyber Essentials Plus certified business and an official Cyber Essentials certification body.  We’ve been established for over 25 years, and work with many local and national businesses, we have partnerships with the most respected solution providers, and are dedicated to our staff and clients alike.  

By combining a suite of best-in-class tools and technology with our consultants’ in-depth industry expertise, we provide the tailored IT support and advice your business needs. Our highly skilled IT support specialists are on-hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we can work alongside your in-house solutions and provide complimentary support or deliver a comprehensive fully managed IT support solution.   

With unlimited access to remote IT support, you can expect around the clock proactive monitoring to ensure your company is protected against a spectrum of threats. Our specialist knowledge and years of experience means we can also provide an in-depth plan to improve your business’s current IT applications – ranging from cloud solutions to cybersecurity practices.

Rest assured that we’ll be there to help whatever the issue. 

If you’re looking for a trusted, successful, and proven managed IT Support Partner, do get in touch. We’d love to explain more about how we work, how we help and, who we are. 

If you’d like to learn more, please contact usor feel free to get your instant, no- obligation quote. Click me

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