Covid-19 Response

Notification to Clients and Suppliers of changes in working practices for Method-IT

During these unprecedented times Method-IT is working tirelessly to ensure the safety of our staff, customers and suppliers. In line with recent government guidelines please find some revised working practices that are now in place with immediate effect.

Our engineers and admin staff continue to work from home to maintain an uninterrupted service to our clients.

Visiting our Offices

Whilst our offices are closed to the general public our strong preference is to conduct all client meetings by video or phone – we can happily talk our clients through the use of web tools to allow video demonstration of equipment, on-line whiteboard sharing, screen sharing and involving multiple participants, regardless of location. If for any reason this is not viable, we have social distancing and hygiene policies in place to allow on site meetings for a limited number of participants. Meetings are by appointment only.

Generalised office visits will not be permitted except under special circumstances. We may not be able to facilitate a visit that has not been arranged by appointment – please call ahead if you require access to the premises. Necessary maintenance visits will be arranged as much as possible on days when staff are not present in the office or outside of normal working hours if the office is manned. Social distancing procedures will be maintained throughout any visit whilst ensuring office security.

Hand sanitation is available in all public areas along with frequent office cleaning.

Thank you for your understanding.

Notification to Clients of changes in working practices for Method-IT

Method-IT will always aim to assist our customers as quickly as possible and in the first instance this will be via remote connection.

In line with Public Health England’s guidance and following a recent review, Method-IT will now be able to undertake site visits when absolutely necessary. Please read the below guidance carefully, particularly with regard to customer contact in the event that a site visit is requested/required.

Prior to the visit we would ask our customers to ensure that:

  1. There is a clear path to the item or area needing to be accessed.
  2. Any nearby surfaces that our Engineer may come into contact with are wiped down.
  3. Any windows and doors in the area where the work will be undertaken are open to provide ventilation and also non-contact access, if possible.
  4. To confirm that it will be possible to maintain a 2 metre social distancing from the engineer.
  5. To ensure that we are made aware of any requirements you have of our engineers in addition to these steps.

On the day of the visit our engineer will contact the customer to re-confirm that it has been possible to fulfil the criteria above. Please also note:

  1. The engineer may also wear a mask and/or gloves and will enquire as to the location of hand sanitisation on the premises.
  2. Please ensure customers keep 2 metres social distancing from our engineer and, if possible, move to a different area/room.
  3. Once the engineer has finished working they will wipe down any surface they have touched in the area they have been in.
  4. Any packaging for equipment will be left at the customer site.

In addition to the above, our 3rd Party vendors may issue their own statement of requirements. These will be communicated as required.

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