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12 Steps to Secure and Seamless Remote Working Checklist

Remote Working Checklist

Checklists are a great way to reduce mistakes. Whether it's the first time doing a task or the 101st, checklists make it all but impossible to miss something important. That's why they continue to be used in the most critical and high-pressure situations, from medical operations to space travel.

Corporate IT and remote working is no different.

In the rush to go remote, it was all too easy for businesses to miss something important that could put their business at risk of cyberattacks. Now remote working looks to be the norm for the foreseeable future, fixing any initial errors and continuing to practice secure remote working habits is essential.

That's why we've created the following 12-step checklist. It covers everything you and your employees need to know and do to work safely and effectively from the comfort of home.

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We've designed the checklist above to be used by anyone within your organisation, even if they don't know much about IT. Follow it to the letter, and you should cover most of your bases when it comes to keeping your remote working infrastructure secure and reliable.


But if you’re still struggling to develop an effective remote working solution, we’re here to help. At Method, we’ve been able to help dozens of businesses make the transition to remote working seamlessly. From advising on software purchases — like Office365, VoIP systems and video conferencing — to building a cloud-based infrastructure from the ground up, we can be a single point of reference in an otherwise fragmented industry. 


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