Method IT are ‘stomping’ into the fun this summer for the Herd In The City art trail

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May 23, 2023 3:14:09 PM

The Herd In The City art trail has kicked off and is presented by Havens Hospices, in partnership with Wild in Art. We’re proud to be an Official Partner and look forward for everyone to see our elephant around the streets of Southend!

Herd In The City is a public art trail that will take place across Southend-On-Sea, Leigh on Sea and Shoeburyness. For over seven weeks from 14th July to 4th September, a herd of amazing elephant sculptures will be scattered around the areas. There are many ways you can support Havens Hospices throughout the trail, you can purchase a map, download their app, attend the auction after the trail, or get involved with their fundraising event and activities. Alternatively, if you’d like to, you can donate here.

Once we ‘herd’ the art trail was coming to Southend-On-Sea, we knew it was an amazing opportunity for us to support both Havens Hospices and our local community. All funds raised will go towards families and individuals that need it most.

A few words from Havens Hospices

Rosella Inguscio, a Corporate Fundraiser at Havens Hospices, had this to say about Method’s involvement: “Havens Hospices are honoured to work alongside Method IT, who has shown great compassion and support for our cause. We are so grateful for their involvement with Herd In The City as one of the main Partners. 

Our collaboration is ‘Making every day count’ for those we are caring for today, and those we will meet in the future too. I am looking forward to seeing what the future of Method IT holds.”

Our elephant’s design

Herd In The City Creative FreedomBefore deciding on a design for our elephant, we knew it needed to be unique. Once we saw MrASingh’s amazing design, the whole team at Method knew it was the one! The design is called ‘Creative Freedom’ and the name fits the design perfectly. With texture being a main focus of his design, no section of the sculpture looks or feels the same, making it great for younger audiences to touch and feel. You can visit 'Creative Freedom' at Southend Victoria train station!

Who is the artist we’re working with?

MrASinghMrASingh is an award-winning artist who channels his passion for nature and world cultures into his vivid and textured mixed media artworks. Through mesmerising pattern work and colour, he captures the beauty and diversity of our world, inviting viewers to join him on a journey of exploration and discovery. His signature art has captured the hearts of art lovers worldwide, and his work has been featured in over 40 exhibitions across the UK, US, and Europe (including 10 public art sculptures this year alone!)

MrASingh’s experience

"Designing and painting the 'Creative Freedom' elephant sculpture in Southend-On-Sea was an exciting experience for me. It was my first time being part of a public art trail in this area, and it was great to work with Havens Hospice on this project. I had previously painted the elephant sculpture multiple times before, but this was the first time creating an abstract artwork on one. It was a challenge that I embraced with enthusiasm, and I thoroughly enjoyed the creative process.

I was fortunate to have Method IT as my sponsors, who were very proactive and supportive throughout the project. They took progress photos and showed a genuine interest in the sculpture's development, which was fantastic.

Overall, designing and painting the 'Creative Freedom' elephant sculpture allowed me to express my artistic vision and creativity. The sculpture's abstract design, with its vibrant colours and textured layers, celebrates the beauty of diversity and the importance of embracing one's unique artistic expressions. It was a pleasure to contribute to this public art trail, and I can’t wait to see it out in public with everyone not only enjoying the artwork but hopefully being inspired by it too.”

You can follow Amrit here: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Our collaboration with C2C

We knew we wanted to do something creative once the trail went live, and after a long brainstorming session we finally knew what we wanted to do! So here it is, we've brought the creativity of the herd to the C2C train stations!

Blog Image (long small) (1200 × 400 px) (6)Blog Image (long small) (1200 × 400 px) (7)

We put up Herd In The City footprints at 3 of the following stations: Leigh On Sea, Southend Central, and Shoeburyness. While the Herd art trail is supposed to be fun and colourful, we have also highlighted the importance it brings to Havens Hospices. We have attached a QR code to the footprints and bench which leads to the landing page here. Our Herd In The City landing page gives you the opportunity to donate to Havens, and read all about how the art trail is helping out families in need.

There’s no doubt that the herd is having an amazing impact on inspiring and motivating the younger audiences, while raising vital funds for Havens Hospices at the same time. If you’d like to help Havens Hospices and become a ‘Volunt-ele’, you can get in touch with them here.

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